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Armor is a type of tool in CardLife. it absorbs damage that is inflicted by enemies

Tiers[ | ]

Helmet Body Arms Legs
Wooden Wooden Squire Helmet Wooden Squire Armor Wooden Squire Arms Wooden Squire Legs
Stone Stone Squire Helmet Stone Squire Armor Stone Squire Arms Stone Squire Legs
Copper Copper Squire Helmet Copper Squire Armor Copper Squire Arms Copper Squire Legs
Железо Iron Squire Helmet Iron Squire Armor Iron Squire Arms Iron Squire Legs
Gold Gold Knight Helmet Gold Knight Armor Gold Knight Arms Gold Knight Legs
Вольфрам Tungsten Knight Helmet Tungsten Knight Armor Tungsten Knight Arms Tungsten Knight Legs
Cobalt Cobalt Knight Helmet Cobalt Knight Armor Cobalt Knight Arms Cobalt Knight Legs

there are also three other types of armor: titanium, thorium, and meteorite. these are called commando armor.