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There are a number of different bushes found throughout the map. Berry Bushes are often used as a players first source of food as they are easy to find and drop edible berries. Berry Bushes also drop Plant matter which is used for making leather.

Fiber Bushes are different in that they do not drop berries, instead they can be harvested for Fiber which is useful for many different recipes including weapons, tools and structures.

All bushes can be harvested by hand but sickles or shears can be used to improve the time it takes to harvest.

These are the different bushes and what they drop:

Bush Drops
Berry Bushes
Starberry Bush Starberry Bush Starberry Starberry
Skyberry Bush Skyberry Bush Skyberry Skyberry
Springberry Bush Springberry Bush Springberry Springberry
Honeyberry Bush Honeyberry Bush Honeyberry Honeyberry
Fiber Bushes
Flax Bush Flax Bush Fiber Fiber