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Type Code Mod
Release December 31, 2020
(latest: Sept 1, 2021)
Developer Community
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CLre is a project for reviving CardLife, started and maintained by NGnius. Bugfixes, tweaks and improvements are provided for the client and server. New versions are released (roughly) quarterly on the project's release page.

Official Description

Always eat your celery, so you'll grow up to be big and strong like me. Work-in-progress mod for CardLife.

CardLife has stopped receiving updates, but that doesn't mean it's free from bugs. CLre is a mod to rejuvenate CardLife by fixing old bugs and adding some modding sprinkles.


CLre modifies the client and server binaries. The mod is built on the Illusion Plugin Architecture (IPA), a framework for loading and running code mods in games built on the Unity engine.

CLre differs from officially-supported Cardlife mods, which only modify JSON files, by also modifying the underlying program. This allows CLre to fix bugs and accomplish more advanced behaviour than the officially-supported modding system allows. These modifications are listed in the patch notes for every release.

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