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Ingots are an important material for many recipes within the game especially weapons, armor and tools. They can also be used to build structures except for wood and stone tools. A furnace is needed to smelt ore into ingots, at a ratio of 2 ores to 1 ingot. The furnace requires 1 piece of wood as fuel for each ingot that you want to smelt.

Types[ | ]

These are the ingots that are currently smeltable from their corresponding ores:

Age 1
Copper Ingot Copper Ingot
Iron Ingot Iron Ingot
Age 2
Gold Ingot Gold Ingot
Tungsten Ingot Tungsten Ingot
Cobalt Ingot Cobalt Ingot
Age 3
Titanium Ingot Titanium Ingot
Thorium Ingot Thorium Ingot
Meteorite Ingot Meteorite Ingot